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the clouds passing through. we're seeing some high level clouds from san jose, blue keys as well. temperatures coming down. in san francisco, 59. oakland, 65. hanging on to the low 70s in gilroy, 71. we're going to start to see those marine clouds push inland again tonight, currently 70 in santa rosa, napa, novato, 64, and upper 60s in parts of the east bay as well and concord and livermore. now, i want to tell you what the temperature change has been. yesterday at this time, well, right now, we're 19 degrees cooler compared to yesterday at this time. so, temperatures definitely tumbled in some inland areas. in areas they stayeder in the same, like along the coast. sfo airport and oakland-but we'll see numbers come down even a little bit tomorrow in inland areas, and check out the winds. it was quite gusty today. right now it's gusting at 37 miles-per-hour, and -- fair feel, 30 from the west, and this strong sea breeze helped bring the cooler marine air and brought our temperatures down inland today. so now we're looking at sfo and we see blue skies, but you need to know that's g
who hid in the wheel well of a maui bound flight out of san jose. he's back in california. nbc bay area's kimberly terry joins us from teenager's home in santa clara. >> reporter: authorities in hawaii confirmed to us that child is safe and off the island of maui, but there is no word yet on when he might actually return here to this santa clara home. his father reportedly flew out earlier this week to get his son, but sources tell us he is on a flight right now returning to the bay area alone. according to the "mercury news" on friday a judge apparently transferred the 15-year-old out of the custody of the hawaii department of human services and into the custody of santa clara county's department of family and children services. according to sources, a social worker likely escorted the teenager back to the south bay. on april 20th, federal officials say he climbed a fence and got on to the tarmac at san jose international airport then climbed into the wheel well of a hawaii airlines jet. he was found several hours later in maui's main airport and hospitalized for some breathing pr
. a university researcher putting id bands on fourical conchicks high atop san jose city hall. >> the city is now having a naming contest for the little birds. >> people with disabilities often face a struggle getting around their own home. volunteers are hoping to change that and brake down barriers with those living with physical challenges and making a dramatic difference in their lives. >> molly, the nonprofit knows the widening of a doorway and home renovation says go a long way to give them independent they deserve. >> he's happy and he wants to do things like a five and half-year-old boy. he wants to run in puddles and that means driving a power chair. >> and he was born with spinal muscle a trophy. ray has defoyed the odds. >> as he grew he wanted independence and we got him a power wheelchair and he grew to the point where he was hard to live and carry up and down the stairs. >> they were introduced to home fro home, a group of volunteer architects that design homes to be more accessibility and allowing those with disabilities to live freely at home. >> people stay trapped in their homes
world. he was president of san jose city college; at one point in the early '80s at university of maine at augusta. i believe he was the first black person to be president of a state university or a university in that--in maine. and then he ended his career at compton college in southern california. c-span: and who is gloria skinner? >> guest: my mother. and so i had somewhat of a stage mother who--she's also very proud of the book, but she encouraged me in not only academics but public speaking and drama and other activities. and... c-span: what did--what was her career? >> guest: she sometimes was a homemaker; a lot of times she worked in child care, in that field, and that's what she did for most of her career. she ran a day-care center, a very successful one, that she started. she's extremely independent, so she started her own business and--and--and that worked well for her. c-span: and you say they were both civil rights activists. >> guest: mm-hmm. c-span: now did they have any problem with you getting close to ronald reagan on all this? >> guest: no, because--i think especially
. he traveled from san jose, california to mauwi tucked inside the plane's landing gear compartment. >> that's a 5 and a half hour flight. when airport workers discovered him, he was unconscious. thankfully, he has romped. his father believes he was trying to get to his mother >> as bisi onlie-ere reports, one organization is working to get kids off of the streets and give them a future. >> a nearly 35,000 people in metro detroit are homeless of them, one in every three is a child. many of these children come from broken homes, young lives afflicted by drugs, violence, abuse and neglect seek refuge on the streets. >> danny pagon and stephanie tak taylor are outreach workers for covenant house. >> how old are you? 15? 15 years old. now why aren't you in school? you late, too? >> it's their job to search the city for homeless youth and show them a way out. wassup, man? >> floyd, who is 22 has lived in this old junk yard for 10 years. >> what you are doing is literally strip mining the ground for old pieces of metal and iron and chunks of just copper or whatever they can find in the gr
the marine layer around san jose. mid 50s here, it will bring a breeze across the bay. winds will be gusty on the coast right now, though, it's pretty nice, 54 at half moon bay, 52 in san francisco. the plan for the rest of the day in the next hour, still in the 50s. by noon time, mid and upper 60s around the bay and inland. with mostly sunny skies. it will be a cooler day today for our friends in liver moore, concord, the san ramon valley and even around the bay. back to some upper 60s. at the coast, even though you'll see sunshine, it will be gusty with numbers near 60. so we'll talk about the rest of the weekend, we've got cinco de mayo today, and also more festivals around the bay and a warm-up midweek coming up. >>> in developing news, abc7 news was the first to break this news on twitter -- that santa clara teenaged stow-away who survived a flight to hawaii in the wheel well of a jet has left the aloha state, 15-year-old yayia abdi is no longer in hawaii, according to an email sent by an official with hawaiian department of human services. the official didn't say where the teen was g
. he survived the 5 1/2-hour flight from san jose, california, to maui, after he jumped an airport fence and climbed in the wheel well of that boeing 767. >>> and look at this surveillance photo of a man pointing a pitchfork at workers at a georgia waffle house. investigators say he ran off with a cash register but couldn't hold on to the loot. so, he dropped the pitchfork. some workers pursued him. they grabbed the discarded pitchfork and used it to smash the window of this guy's truck. but the suspect got away. the police say the same guy is wanted for several other armed robberies. >> sounds like a crime from the 1800s. >> it does, doesn't it? >>> and a lesson in humidity. a well-known homeless man in upstate new york, found 250 bucks outside of a restaurant. instead of keeping the money for himself, he gave it to police. locals have known him for years, saying he usually keeps to himself and has a knack for good deeds. after all, the same man found almost $500 last year. and he also turned that in. when a reporter asked him about his latest find and giving the money back, he sa
is over for now, taking a live look right now at san jose. you can see plenty of clouds in the sky. they're going to be sticking around for much of the day. our temperatures right now in the 50s all around the bay area. and, again, we are going to see a cloudy morning, a mix of sun and clouds today, and, yeah, that heat wave is over. cooler temperatures for the next seven days. we'll take a closer look at your extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. >>> developing news, a 3-year- old child is in the hospital this morning after falling from a second story window in benesha. the fall happened just after 8:30 last night at a building on brentwood drive. emergency crews transported the child to a landing zone about a half mile away, then a helicopter took the toddler to children's hospital oakland. there's no word yet on the child's condition. >>> an elderly woman died early this morning in a house fire in oakland. the fire was reported shortly before 3:00 a.m. on the 2500 block of parker avenue. the woman who lived there alone was pulled out and pronounced dead at the scene. the cau
says 15 year- old boy who survived a 5 1/2 hour flight from san jose to why has left the state. spokespersons' supply department of human services says it uses " no longer inquiry". did not specify how or when he left for he was traveling with or wary is heading. the boy's father arrived in white earlier this week. a back on april 20th if we come into will well a jet and flew to white. >> : he is in honolulu for for country to be getting update from him coming up very shortly. >> : almost a week of controversy the disgraced the clippers owner donald sterling breaks his silence with his and fight his lifetime ban from the nba punishment for those races commons. call sterling top off camera to the editor of the or magazine. in the case has no desire to sell the clippers traded regarding the woman that he describes his girlfriend sterling say it wished i just hitter off. >> : he also told magazine but he'll do what it is a are brought an nba. meantime they year-old billionaire has been battling prostate cancer for some time now. >> : he as much as survive longer than the pre peopl
. >> san jose police are investigating a crash that killed an 18-year-old and left a young driver in critical condition. it happened just after 4:00 yesterday afternoon at north first street. police say that the victim's car may have run a red light which caused it to crash into a second vehicle and slam into a traffic light pole. the family in the second vehicle was not hurt. the woman who died was a passenger in this first car. the driver of that car was taken to the hospital. >> he was trying to get out of the car. but, they realized he was in pretty bad shape. they -- they put him in the ambulance. >> my god. i mean gives me goosebumps. i said i hope nobody died but the way you look at the car, you are sure someone died. >> reporter: police are still trying to determine if speed or alcohol was a factor in the crash. the names of the victims haven't been released. >>> a man is in yale this jail accused of stabbing to death a mother of three. he has been booked on suspicious of murder. officers say he killed a 28- year-old woman in inside her apartment on tuesday. they have no
you are sunny in most of the east bay, but fog hangs on into fremont. some sunshine in san jose by midmorning and then we will look at temperatures mainly coolest here along the coast. in fact with the gusty wind. so the spread from the 50s to the low 70s. more details about your weekend cool down coming up. katie. >> thank you, lisa. in developing news, abc7 news was the first to break this news on twitter. stowaway that survived the flight to hawaii in the wheel well of a jet is no longer in hawaii. this is according to an official of the hawaii department human services. the 15-year-old is no longer in hawaii. the official did not say where the teen was going or who he might be with, only that he is safe. we do know he is not with his dad. our media partner reports hawaiian officials have denied the father's request to see his son and bring him back home. >> also right now breaking news out of oakland this morning where a house fire has claim the life of a woman. firefighters arrived just before 3:00 a.m. to find a house on parker avenue in flames. the woman was the only pers
the trial also in san jose a juror is awarded the i phone maker about nine hundred and thirty million us dollars. but apple failed to persuade u s district judge a higher court to issue a permanent injunction against the sale of samsung phones in the us. people in your life will soon be able to buy up to ten grams of marijuana every week. the once new licensing laws cake and homegrown marijuana is a million dollar us business that has been illegal up to until now. but the government could read some of the benefits that bill richards has the story. it's not just uses but now the state has experimented with candidates. the historic decision to legalize the sale and production of marijuana in your life is a bold new approach to the problem of drug use. this enormous health is the number one priority. most users are expected to buy directly from pharmacies with all those who beat her in the road the sun has opened up a new market in the mid twenties these two friends started an online business two years ago selling equipment for growing marijuana in tools. i'm going off. i wouldn't do it whe
in the low 70s around san jose, san francisco low 60s with the low clouds, lingering as we get into the afternoon, and inland santa rosa today 7 2, livermore 75. should be great for the wine country festival, temperatures in the mid 70s with plenty of sunshine. temperatures actually trending a bit cooler for sunday and monday and then on the rebound as we head towards the middle of next week. >>> and coverage for the kentucky derby starts on nbc today at 4:00. but starting at noon on nbc sports, that's when the party begins. you can check out everything and all the hype leading up to today's big race. it will be fun. we have a lot coming up from here in churchill downs. >> thank you. >>> moving on to encouraging story this morning about the enduring power of friendship. >> a group of vietnam war vets took on a new mission to track down a long lost companion who helped them get through one of the toughest times of their lives. we have the story. >> reporter: it was a reunion more than 40 years in the making. >> it was a wonderful release for a lot of us who just buried it. >> re
a deadly san jose crash. police say a driver ran a red light, then clipped another vehicle and hit a light pole on north first street just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon. a female passenger in the car died. the driver is in serious condition. none. four people in the other vehicle were injured. >>> happening today a vigil is being held in memory of an oakland man killed in a hit-and-run a week ago. oakland police are offering a $10,000 reward for information lead to go the arrest of the driver. this is cell phone video from the scene on telegraph avenue and 50th street. vigil organizers say the still unidentified victim was disscaled met his friends every morning at a coffee shop. the vigil will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the site of the run. >> and organizers will be in newark to help kids in nigeria. social need yeah is blog up for the campaign. more than 200 girls were kidnapped by islamic extremists two weeks ago. many were said to be sold as slaves or wives. the protest will be at noon today at the theater on cedar boulevard. >>> new details about the federal raid of a petaluma slaughterh
that pitted two technology giants on friday a federal jury in san jose california decided that samsung and apple infringed on each other's patents. betty yu of our station kpix an ongoing battle between the two companies. >> reporter: in the messy legal fight between the biggest smartphone makers a federal jury said both companies ripped off ideas and violated patents on some newer devices, like the iphone 5 and galaxy know. >> it wasn't a landslide for apple makes it kind of a victory for samsung. last time around samsung infringed and owed about $1 billion to apple. >> reporter: this time the jury ordered samsung to play $120 million to apple. a small fraction of the $2.2 billion apple wanted. among the popular features it found samsung copied the slide to unlock button on some of its phones and auto correct. samsung accused apple of infringing two of its patents and in the end found guilty of just one that involves photo and video organization in folders. this is apple's version. this is samsung's version. that will cost apple $158,000 but the case is not jus
sterling's rant. we will get to that in a moment. >>> meanwhile, a san jose jury has reached a verdict between an all-out war between apple and samsung. >> reporter: in the messy legal fight between the two biggest smartphone makers, both companies ripped off ideas like on the galaxy note and iphone 5. >> it wasn't a landslide victory for apple and that makes it more of a victory for samsung. last time, samsung owed about a billion dollars to apple. >> reporter: this time, the jury ordered samsung to pay $120 million to apple. among the popular features they copied, the slide to unlock button and auto correct. in the end, they were found guilty of infringing one pa ton that involves video and photo organization. that will cost apple $158,000. the case is not just about the money. >> i mean, it's about the market. these are the only two companies making money for smartphones. they are the only companying selling any smartphones at this point and they are battling over dominance. >> reporter: so what does this mean for you and me? experts say it doesn't mean anything. you can still use y
news. >> new details tonight about the deadly san jose crash we first told you about at 4:00. police say a driver ran a red light before clipping another vehicle and then hitting a light pole on north first street. a female passenger in his car died. the driver is in serious condition tonight. none of the four people in the other vehicle were injured police still have the street closed off right now. >> the father of the teen stowaway who survived the flight to hawaii in the wheel well of a jet says he has not been allowed to see his son. 15-year-old abdi is in the custody of the child welfare services. he is hospitalized with breathing problems. his father arrived in honolulu 5 days ago hoping to see his son and bring him back home. according to our media partner, officials denied the father's request. a spokesperson says they cannot explain why citing privacy concerns. and at mineta san jose international airport where they began the death defying journey there are calls for better security. he toured the grounds and he wants higher fences and new motion detecting security cameras
. abc7 news. >> new details tonight about the deadly san jose crash we first told you about at 4:00. police say a driver ran a red light before clipping another vehicle and then hitting a light pole on north first street. a female passenger in his car died. the driver is in serious condition tonight. none of the four people in the other vehicle were injured police still have the street closed off right now. >> the father of the teen stowaway who survived the flight to hawaii in the wheel well of a jet says he has not been allowed to see his son. 15-year-old abdi is in the custody of the child welfare services. he is hospitalized with breathing problems. his father arrived in honolulu 5 days ago hoping to see his son and bring him back home. according to our media partner, officials denied the father's request. a spokesperson says they cannot explain why citing privacy concerns. and at mineta san jose international airport where they began the death defying journey there are calls for better security. he toured the grounds and he wants higher fences and new motion detecting secur
out of control. thousands of people come to san jose every year for cinco de mayo. last year, there were several arrests made. >> >> not everyone will be celebrating. in morgan hill, one high school is preparing for possible protests. new at 10:00. ken pritchard is live outside of the live oak hill site with a controversy and a plan to keep kids safe. >> if you hadn't heard the story, you might have thought that live oak high school was under construction because of the fence. just today in front of the school, apparently, the district's preparation for one rally on monday. beyond this very long security fence, it's not sure what will greet students come kling mother. >> reporter: juan lopez represents one side of the debate. >> i think this whole ordeal, everything that is happening is a clear example of why we are rallying. we are rallying in support of 1st amend meant rights. >> >> four years ago, high school students wore american high school t shirts on cinco de mayo. the school med the students turn the shirts inside out. a recent ruling cited with the district. lopez s
>>> nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, san jose police already out in force to prevent scenes like this ahead of cinco de mayo. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. they are cracking down the party begins. sjpd setting the scene tonight in what's traditionally been an unruly party weekend in downtown san jose. they want to take the fight out of cinco de mayo. chase, what's the strategy here and any problems tonight? >> reporter: raj, so far, so good. but it is still early. and the strategy is essentially strength in numbers. we're told that it is all hands on deck at san jose police this weekend and they're not the only ones. the santa clara sheriff is also getting involved. based on the number of people we've already seen out downtown tonight, that could be a good thing. >> all right by 6:00, 7:00, san jose police gathered ready to hit the streets. we spotted plenty making rounds downtown. a cavalry's worth of motorcycles. even some targeth transit stops and all because thecinco de may on display. >> it's the whole month of may, starting with may day. >>
jose y dejo a un motociclista en el hospital... roll open under angel ayllon esta en vivo desde san jose two box con la informacion, adelante angel te escuchamos.... angel segun reportes extraoficiales, la fallecida tenia apenas 17 anos...ahora que viene el fin de semana, las autoridades llaman a la precaucion de la gente para evitar que estas tragedias sigan ocurriendo... 0.1 0.19 0.46 0.55 david perez bello/testigo "nos impactamos pues y vimos el accidente fatal" --esas fueron las unicas palabras que pudo gesticular david, luego de ser testigo del monumental choque que apago la vida de un conductor. --el estruendo se escucho cuando un auto cadillac conducido por la victima se estrello contra este semaforo ubicado en la calle primera y tasman drive en san jose derek chan/sjpd el oficial chan indico que a las 5 y 30 de la tarde el conductor se fue contra el semaforo.. su muerte fue inmediata... aun no saben exactamente que fue lo que paso. en el mismo lugar un motociclista rodo por el pavimento segundos antes y aun se investiga si el conductor fallecido pudo estrellarse evitando el
the story. >>reporter: congressman was drivenal much of the 6 miles of perimeter fence in san jose. sky 7 hd overhead for the grave minute tour. the home lapped security committee member looked carefully at the height of the fences and the security cameras. tsa approved the security here few weeks ago but he doesn't think the standards are high enough. >> tsa standard i don't think are strong enough to protect the vast amounts of airport the criminal. that's the bottom line. we don't have enough form about what is coming across the perimeter to alert people as soon as possible. >>reporter: camp are don't cover 100 percent of the perimeter and 15-year-old who apparently jumped over the if he says was not caught on vide video. he believes surveillance need to enlist technology because radar emotion detector because no one can watch the camp are out the put all the time. tsa was looking that the technology right after 9/11. >> there was a blue ribbon commission that looked at airport security. sap jose participate entered that. bury tsa didn't do much follow-up on that. so i think
. >> and for now, their biggest concern is getting to to school on time about. list ah bernard, al jazeera, san jose, california. >> now to the controversial stand your ground law. a recent case intensifying debate is centered on this 17-year-old german exchange student in montana. a homeowner in town claiming to have been burgled in the past set a trap by leaving his garage door open one evening. when the student entered, the homeowner shot him in the head. joining us to talk about this is attorney arriva martin. welcome ariva. >> hi john. >> how does this differ from other stand your ground case he? >> this happened at home. the blockbuster cases ever trayvon martin happened in the street, he set a trap and lured the student into his garage and then shot into this garage in the dark even though he knew this kid was in there. >> but is setting a trap still in the scope of the stand your ground law or the crass ill doctrine? >> the real issue was reasonable reasonableness. was this kid in his garage to commit some forcible felony or bodily harm. >> is did it matter his home was burglarized wfer
investigating the accident in san jose one person died and others suffered serious injury at no. firstly an ad in drive this effort and. police believe that when the cars appeared to be going at high rate of speed shortly before the crash. it's and i san leandro police department is investigating a pair of possible kidnapping attempts. in both cases targets reportedly were young girls. live tonight in the east bay with latest details >> : earlier this week and two separate occasions aldermen said to rain the girls are feasible case is now felt san leandro police department is extremely concerned assault both incidents occurred in the same neighborhood within 24 hours. this incident occurred wednesday afternoon. according to the san leandro police department 11 year-old girl was walking home from john muir middle school when of what or hispanic male and white van approached her on here on williams street. he/she decline left the area and return home. this incident occurred around 730 this morning on thursday. just a few blocks from the first incident. 15 year-old girl was on her way to school a
they are required to contact local law enforcement. >>> new developments tonight at a mixed vurt in san jose over somewhat phone technology over apple and samsung. they found samsung infringed over apple's patten. that's a fraction over the (200) 000-0000 plus dollars apple asked for. apple also infringed on one of samsung pfg pattens. this may not be the end. investigators say speed may be to blame for a crash that killed one person and injured another. officials say two vehicles were involved in the kraksfelt one vehicle was speeding. two people were taken to the hospital where one died. officials have not released the identity of the person killed. san hohow say police say they make an arrest to a killer. she was stabbed to det at her arment. today they arrested gab rial on susigz of murder. the suspect has the same last name at her husband. neighbors were relieved to hear of an arrest. >>> we're going to see the kids grow up -- i'm glad they caught him. >> he plans to move away. there is no reason to stay. police have not revealed a motive. >>> it's being called the largest prausitution crime
have been facing off in san jose court for months suing each other, each claiming the other stole it's technology the verdict is in. apple wins, or does it? david? >> this is a complicated case where two giant smart phone makers the trial began in march and lasted through april. now we're getting the verdict. two companies that have a lot on their, reputations on the line. battle has been over accusations that samsung used patented apple technology technology apple says was taking from its latest phones many claims of infringement was made the jury just returned it's verdict with apple, awarding $119 million not $2 billion it's seeking. half of the amount was for technology used in the galaxy s three. abc7 news is inside of the courtroom of judge lucy ko. giving time to absorb findings of the jury. it's important to note this is the second time they have faced off over patents. apple won that case but it took a second trial to settle on damages of $1 billion awarded the following year. this is a high stakes case but it's unknown whether samsung will be barred from importing anymore o
suffered major injuries after a two car accident in north san jose. a family of four in the second vehicle was not hurt. the investigators say one car appears to have been speeding prior to the crash. >> three white san jose state students charged with bullying their black roommate have been ex-pell ready from the university a fourth student had his suspension extended. all four accused of tormenting their door mate for weeks through physical violence and racial slurs. >> operators of 13 massage parlors have been arrested and charged with crimes. the da announced culmination of a six-month investigation today that included local, state and federal authorities. 18 business operators arrested in this sting, accused of running brothels out of massage parlors and foot spas. officers found guns and illegal marijuana grows. >> this type of elicit behavior is not acceptable in our community. and that we'll investigate, arrest and prosecute offender who's engage in this opportunity but activities that above human trafficking, sex trachging, labor trafficking and other forms of exploited behavior.
. damian trujillo spent time with the family inside a hospital room. he joinses from san jose and it's certainly an unpredictable predictment. >> reporter: it certainly is. the hospital says he needs to transition to another facility where he will still get quality care. jesse's mother says no. she wants her boy to stay here and get the best care. zbr it's happened hundreds of times over the last six weeks. a desperate mother trying to wake up her son who is in a coma. anisia says her heart has been broken since the traj tick day in march, when a car slammed into the boy as he was crossing the the street in a scooter. she says jesse was already flying through the air before she realized what had just happened. they haven't been able to wake him up. not even the pleas of the heartbroken mother. at this stage, they say he no longer needs the acute care of a hospital. and we have identified a place that was willing to take him and that we have sent a majority of our patients like him in the past. >> but alicia says no. she visited the site and didn't like it. she wants her son to stay.
killed in a collision in san jose. this red car is one of those involved in the crash. another was taken to the hospital with major injuries. that accident happened about 4:00 p.m. police are still there investigating the scene. >>> a veteran pilot says a community airport in the south bay has better security than the international airport. juan ramirez on the search for a hi tech solution. >> reporter: there could be a high tech solution. there could be a low tech solution. san jose international is the cradle of high technology. they feel they should be able to solve the problem of airport perimeter security. >> reporter: as airports took off and landed, a small crowd surrounded the airport. they came to look over eight square miles of fencing around the airport. >> reporter: a teen has raised a question of whether the requirements are high enough. >> reporter: they are launching a test project to find a high tech solution. he has heard from companies that have ideas with motion detection and heat sensing technology. >> there are opportunities to have pilot programs to see how technolo
apartamento el pasado martes. --la policia de san jose arresto a "gabriel alejo" de 22 aÑos de edad, acusado de asesinar a "teresa maravilla" de 28 aÑos. -- aun no se han dado a conocer los detalles de este, el asesinato numero 13 ocurrido en san jose en lo que va corrido del aÑo. cesar ---en berkeley un grupo de activistas latinos, se manifesto esta tarde para exigir al gobierno estatal la reinstauracio n de la ley de accion afirmativa roll open under que permite el incremento en el numero de minorias en las universidades publicas del estado... take 2 box ---katherine orozco, en vivo, nos tiene mas detalles... katherine... take katherine live katherine live katherine live cesar --aunque le parezca dificil de creer, la gasolina bajaria este verano entre 40 y 50 centavos el galon. take vo --aunque esta noticia es inusual, la baja de precio del galon de petroleo y la estabilidad de reservas en el pais, permitirian a partir del proximo mes la disminucion del precio. take full screen --san francisco mantiene el precio mas alto del galon en la bahia con un promedio de 4 dolares y 33 centavos po
immediate help and 4% of the callers wanted more information about human trafficking. >>> san jose state university reportedly expelled three of four students accused in a racially charged bullying case. initially the four students were suspended after information surfaced they harassed their black roommate for weeks. the students were charged with hate crimes and battery. the three expelled students are banned for life from enrolling at any california state university college. the fourth student will be  required to undergo counseling and remain on probation if he returns to school. >>> breaking news out of the south bay where a jury announced a verdict in the legal battle between apple and samsung. the san jose jury decided both companies infringed on each other's patents. apple was awarded much less than what it was seeking. samsung was awarded only 158,000 in damages. the jury began deliberating tuesday after a month long trial. >>> new developments in the case of a mother stabbed to death this week, san jose police announced the arrest of 22-year-old gabriel alejo in connection wi
's biggest rivals. >> two giants have been facing off in san jose court for months suing each other, each claiming the other stole it's technology the verdict is in. apple wins, or does it? david? >> this is a complicated case where two giant smart phone makers the trial began in march and lasted through pril. now we're getting the verdict. two companies that have a lot on their, reputations on the line. battle has been over accusations that samsung used patented apple technology technology apple says was taking from its latest phones many claims of infringement was made the jury just returned it's verdict with apple, awarding $119 million not $2 billion it's seeking. half of the amount was for technology used in the galaxy s three. abc7 news is inside of the courtroom of judge lucy ko. giving time to absorb findings of the jury. it's important to note this is the second time they have faced
more likely the chick is female. good news for the chicks atop city hall in san jose. >> nice to see them. thanks for joining us. >>> the surge. unemployment plunges to the lowest level in more than five years. where the jobs are and why it's not all good news. deadly vie lus for the first time showing up in the u.s. tonight. a warning from the cdc and there is no known cure. and count enskounterror. the spectacular show causing so much excitement in california. "night lie news" begins now. >> from nbc world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> good evening. i'm lester holt. sitting in tonight for brian. as president obama dangled the threat of tough o'er action against russia, the crisis in ukraine took a dangerous and deadly new turn today on the ground and in the air. as ukrainian forces in the east launch a major counter offensive against pro russian insurgents who then shot down two ukrainian helicopters. but the conflict has spread to southern ukraine. a country increasingly divided against itself, coming closer to the brink. we g
coverry. >> we have breaks news in san jose. sky 7 is live over a fatal crash in san jose. police say two people were inside. one died sadly. we're not sure of the other. it happened at intersection of north 1 street and tasmin drive. vta suspended light rail service in the area. police figure out how this map happened >> three san jose state university students charged with a racially motivated bullying of a dorm mate have been ex-pelled from the university. the university extended suspension of a fourth student. the fourth student accused of toermenting their black roommate for week was racial slurs and physical violence the students are barred from enrolling from any college in the system. >> breaking news out of the south bay. a jury just reached a verdict in a trial between apple and samsung. a jury has been deliberating three days. apple asking for # billion if damage we'll bring you the verdict as soon as it is announced. >> authorities raided a dozen bay area massage parlors. hundreds of officers teamed up to serve warrants today at 13 massage parlors in alameda county and several
, a major development in the hate crime case at san jose state. school administrators have reportedly expelled three of the four students accused of bullying their black roommate. "the mercury news" reporting the three have been expelled. the university found that they violated school rules and put the victim's safety in jeopardy. the fourth student, joseph baumgartner, was suspended until july 31st. he faces other sanctions and must take counseling courses. all four white students are accused of putting a u-shaped bike lock around the black student's neck and taunting him because of his skin. >>> congressman swalwell examined the perimeter of san jose national airport and is calling for tighter security, not just there but at all of our nation's airports. marianne favro joins us from the stow-away's home in santa clair wa with the high-tech tools the congressman thinks could have blocked the teen from sneaking onto that plane. >> reporter: janelle, the councilman thinks perhaps motion sensors on the perimeter fence at san jose international airport would have helped in this situation
in downtown san jose, at least one person was killed in a single car accident on first street. it could have hit a pole. traffic in the area is impacted for the investigation. >>> a jury has reached a verdict in the high stakes patent fight between apple and samsung over smartphone technology. the court's expected to announce that decision shortly. the jury of four men, four women, began deliberating tuesday after a month long trial. apple accused samsung of infringing on five of its software patents seeking more than $2 billion in damages. samsung then countersued apple for copying its patents. we'll bring that you verdict just as soon as it's announced. >>> new at 5:00, brothels masquerading as massage parlors busts involving several bay area counties. kpix 5's ken bastida is in the newsroom with the details. ken. >> reporter: yeah, hi, elizabeth. in a high level operation, 400 law enforcement officers executed dozens of search warrants today bringing down 13 massage parlor and spas allegedly fronts for laundry list of crimes including human trafficking, sex exploitation and labor traffick
tuesday in san jose. this is video from hulk up a partnership with abc seven. the state that the to people had known each other. >> : for sector boy who stuck away allow all the airplane bound for hawaii from san jose. politicians are pressing airport officials for answers. westport last report the teenager is in hawaii as with his father did we don't know when they will return home. today bay area congressmen erica port toward the perimeter. still a mystery how the boy got past security. as the boy never should unable to climb the fence undetected. but there's no evidence of any breach with unseen clothing that was ripped it not seen any suspension that have been pulled back or pull up. or any sign of the barbed wire has been messed with. we believe this is a strong athletic person who was able >> : congressman says that airport security fence does meet federal standards but video surveillance is not available everywhere he says while the matter is being addressed he's calling for a pilot program to test technology solutions which could detect when security has been breached. earlier this
state with a significant population of immigrants. >>> a killing that left three daughters in san jose without a mother. now a 22-year-old man is under arrest and we've learned more tonight about how they knew each other. police aren't saying much, but ktvu's rob ross reports from san jose. >> reporter: place arrested 22- year-old gabriel alejo for stabbing the mother of a baby and twin 9-year-old girls inside the woman's apartment tuesday. police aren't saying how he's related to the victim 28-year- old teresa maravilla, but he has the same last name as maravilla's husband and they are listed as friends on maravilla's facebook page. he lists himself as married and having served in the marines on facebook. neighbors say they're glad police made an arrest. >> she's not going to see their kids grow up, see their weddings or anything, but i'm glad they caught him. >> reporter: a next-door neighbor told police he saw the man leave the apartment about an hour before the body was discovered. that man left on a motorcycle. you saw him walk out? >> yeah. like nothing. >> reporter: police ha
. afterwards, swalwell told reporters more needs to be done. >> san jose met standards that tsa set for them. i don't accept that those protect passengers. >> swalwell says it's still a mystery how the show away breeched security. no video shows him jumping a fence. if that is to be believed swalwell, who sits on the house homeland security committee, wants this airport to be among a small group to test new kinds of security technologies >> we have looked at a number of them already. they include everything from radar, flydar, as well as surveillance cameras that can detect motion. >> the key will be finding technology, he says that isn't set off by birds or animals he's concerned about costs, not convinced higher fences will impede intrusion he did disclose plans to add surveillance cameras. >> having an airport this large and only having a small number police officers assigned to this airport and a small number of people able to watch the cameras that do not cover 100% of the airport is not enough. >> passengers agree technology could be the solution. >> it's f.they can spy on everyone around
. >>> checking some bay area headlines. san jose. that -- the measure was approved by voters nearly four years ago. the city agreed to bait t another year youment contributions increased. the san francisco's combination of shut t buses. the lectionary -- the workers that -- they catered to are driverring up the rent at the city. the community group say the buses use of muny stops is illegal. >>> what began as a bizarre project may involve into anarch stranger business venn cure. the so-called hookah truck is about -- hook-up truck is about ready to roll and will start tonight. for a sizing fee, couple's unique place to get intimate can run up to $100 per half hour. >>> encouraging news about gas prices. they could drop as much as 40 or 50 cents per gallon by the fourth of july. gary richards, the san jose road show columnist says the cost of oil is falling and gas prices typically reach their peak in may. according to, the average price for a gallon of regular unled is now $44.22 and $4.31 in the san francisco area. >>> up next, the public weighs in on the punishment of donald ste
go on. spoon me. mixim - from the ehrmann family. it's love, your way. >>> now at noon san jose police releasing new details about the homicide case of a young mother found stabbed to death in her home earlier this week. >>> three people injured in a morning fire that damaged four homes in san francisco. what may have caused the fire. >>> plus a bay area congressman tours san jose airport amid security concerns following the case of a teenaged stow away who snuck on to the property, what he plans to do to make airport property safe. >> good afternoon, i am tori campbell, an arrest has been made in the deadly stabbing of a mother of three at an apartment in san jose. the homicide happened wednesday. shocking the woman's neighbors and devastating her husband. janine de la vega joins us. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. the authorities have confirmed the man they arrested is a relative of the woman but are not releasing why he stabbed the woman, police identified the suspect as gabriel jose, here are photos of the victim. police say he stabbed her in her apartment near
congressman is touring mineta san jose international airport to examine execute after a teen stowed away on a plane. the representative is speaking to reporters after getting a brief on security measures. the visit is two weeks after the santa clara teen sneaked on a flight to hawaii after jumping an airport fence. the teen hid in a wheel well for the five hour flight. swalwell is the northern member of the house of representatives homeland security subcommittee on transportation security. early this week senator boxer questions the t.s.a. about the stow away. >> you are looking for 100 percent guarantee and that will not happen. >> i am looking for layered defense. >> which we have. ought airports have. it is not a 100 percent guarantee. >> this is serious business. >> i agree. >> why think you take it that seriously. >> i disagree. >> the congressman swalwell is equaling an audit on perimeter security not done since 2009 on the airports. >> a pit bull attack sent a young girl to the hospital with bite wounds to neck and head. her father ended it by fighting the dog. amy? >>> we just me
teen stowaway case. nbc bay area's bob redell live at mineta san jose with congressman swawell's solution to improving security. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, scott. congressman swawell points out that mineta norman international is located here in the center of innovation. he is looking for pilot programs that would use silicon valley technology to better secure the fences here at norman mineta and throughout the country. the representative from the east bay arrived here just over an hour ago to meet with airport security and joined them on a private 45-minute tour of the six miles of fencing that surrounds the roughly thousand acres of taxiways and runways here. you might recall last week, a 15-year-old boy from santa clara was able to scale the fence here undetected, hang out on the tarmac for several hours, sneak into the wheel well of a 767, where he stowed away for a flight to maui. the congressman is looking for solutions that don't involve security guards, who would have to roam the perimeter 24/7. he tells us several private and public companies here in
and san jose would be the agencies that we compare it to. the third item we're halfway through the third item is related to water and wastewater capacity charges. capacity charges are charges to customers that have new or increasing demands from the existing water or wastewater system we have a number of recommendations to streamline the process for these charges. the main thing we're proposing is to tie both the water and sewer charges to the water meter size. using updated plumbing codes into the water demand calculation all of this will make the calculation process a lot quicker and clearer and we're also proposing to collect all of the charges up front and if there's a change that happens in the building permitting process in terms of the plan we'll go back and adjust the fee and hopefully take the puc from being the last part, the tail end of the permitting process and we tend to get dinged for that. so i can appreciate this is a little small. look at the far right column you are seeing a lot of negatives and this shows how this new incorporating the water efficiency into the ca
're not valued as americans. >> reporter: protests were remarkably peaceful in portland, oakland and san jose and zero arrests in los angeles. back to you. jon: william la jeunesse keeping an eye on that from the west coast. william, thank you. arthel: a man convicted of armed robbery is sentenced to prison in 2,000. because of a clerical error he never served his time. now the long arm of the law has caught up with him. he is sitting behind bars. is this fair? we're going to speak to his wife. that is coming up next. >>> plus a dramatic situation in the chicago river. a woman screaming for help from the water. the tense moments leading up to her rescue. >> coming down the bridge, three people started saying help this lady, help this lady. i can't believe this. there is really someone in the middle of the water. got on the bridge, there she is in the mid different water saying, help, help. we ran to this thing, to get the life tube. vo: once upon a time there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place where villages floated on water and castles were houses dragons lurked giants stood tall and
looking at this so there would be a coordinated facility all the way from san francisco to san jose. finally capacity. i can't tell you how many meetings we're at that this came up in the last months, the capacity of the network, the transit network, in particular a major need in face of all the existing crowding we have as well as the new development going up in the city. this is something that i know director reiskin and other transit leads are aware of and working electric ifz and increase capacity and working on the caltrans project with sfmta and add capacity and improved performance and of course for the bart network we're looking at multiple levels of capacities and improvements in terms of the main line and stations downtown and adding vehicles and the like and doing so requires us to work closely with all of the other agencies involved and mtc and the metropolitan transportation commission and other agencies. treasure island mobility management agency i mendle here and it's a laboratory in many ways. it will channel us to meet the demand. >> >> created when we add the ho
, congressman eric swalwell will inspect the perimeter of san jose international airport in order to figure out how to improve security. swalwell asked the government accountability office which hasn't been done since 2009. last month, a teenager hopped the fence and managed to wander around the airport undetected and even made it into the wheel well of a plane and road that plane to hawaii. >>> want to check in with christina now and she has a look at our forecast. >> good morning, laura. happy friday to you at home. taking a live look here at san francisco and our friend, the fog. this is going to cool us off as we head throughout the day today, this is actually the tippy top of the golden gate bridge. all that's left of it. as we head tlohroughout the day today, that cool westerly flow will bring it inland and temperatures will drop off in the tune and 56 degrees in san francisco and on your way to 76 and 8 5 here in the south bay with changes coming through and eight to ten degrees cooler by tomorrow and temperatures tumble even more so and by saturday a chance for showers and talk about th
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